Granny Phone Sex

By , October 13, 2014


If you have ever called a granny phone sex line, you know that it can be some of the hottest, most kinky age play fantasy fun you could ever experience.  Granny phone sex is exceptionally good because when you call a mature woman like me, you are getting the benefits of years of experience, both real and fantasy and the knowledge and expertise of an experienced older woman.

A phone sex granny like me can provide you with all kinds of kinky pleasures – from fetish exploration to cuckold training to sissy experimentation to even the most extreme phone fantasies which could include the most taboo phone thoughts your mind could ever dream up.  All it takes is a wild imagination and an intelligent diva to create the most pleasurable anything goes call ever!

Remember, mature phone sex is always best with Tess!

Tess – 1-888-878-4332

Intelligent Phone Sex

By , July 28, 2014


I had a caller dial my number this morning and tell me that he was looking for an experienced and intelligent phone sex partner to help him work through a fantasy that he had but couldn’t really talk to anybody about.

When I asked him what he wanted to share with me, he said that he had caught his son looking  at some sexual photos that he and his wife had taken together.  He didn’t know how to approach his son, but he said that he wasn’t even sure that he wanted to because he found it very erotic that his son was masturbating to photos of his mommy and daddy.  Some of the photos showed his wife sucking cock and other’s were of the caller fucking her.

The caller told me that he had read through some of my prior blog posts and he thought that an intelligent phone sex playmate like myself would be able to help him to make sense of this “fetish”.  I told him that I had no boundaries and because of that, anything goes, so he could feel completely comfortable sharing every detail with me.

We talked about how he would feel if he walked in on his wife and son in the middle of an incest encounter.  We talked about he would react to seeing his wife in a whole new light, that of a MILF that his son’s friends would fantasize about or openly flirt with.  We even talked about what would happen if he found his wife turning him into a cuckold as she began to prefer her son’s cock to her husbands.

Call me and see how an intelligent phone sex partner like me can fulfill all of your sexual cravings.

Tess – 1-888-878-4332

Incest Phone Sex

By , June 23, 2014


I just love being a part of an incest phone sex fantasy call.   Just the other day I was able to roleplay a kinky mommy who walked in on my son while he was in the shower and I was amazed at the size of his cock.  He had 10 inches dangling between his legs and I couldn’t help but take off my clothes and join him, wrapping first my hands and then my lips around that growing cock and then lifting my leg up and wrapping it around his hips as I took him deep inside of me, both of us moving together until we exploded in a mind numbing orgasm.

During another incest phone sex fantasy call I was a granny who wanted to teach her grandson the ways of the world.  Feeling him snuggling up against me as he climbed into my bed, hugging his little body tightly, my breasts pressed against his little mouth, I encouraged him to suck on my nipples as I moved his hand down between my legs.  I masturbated myself against his little fingers and told him what a good boy he was.  It was hot!

Anything goes when you call me for some incest phone sex fun!  There are no limits or boundaries and nothing is too taboo or extreme to explore.  Call me and tell me your dirty little secrets!

Tess – 1-888-878-4332

Mature Phone Sex

By , June 4, 2014


Many of the callers that I speak with tell me that they love my mature phone sex voice.    Men who enjoy the experience that a mature phone sex partner has to offer are comforted, knowing that they are in very capable hands.

When you dial my mature phone sex line you will connect with a woman who is confident and intelligent and willing to go to any length in order to satisfy your personal fantasy or fetish cravings and desires.

Tell me your mommy or granny fantasy – incest is one of my very favorite subjects.  I can role play a kinky MILF or a naughty neighbor too!   I would love to teach you how to pleasure me, licking my sweet pussy or sucking on my nipples or we can just enjoy a GFE (girl friend experience) where you can confide all of your taboo secrets to me.

I go the extra mile to be sure that your orgasm is as powerful as possible and I want to keep you cumming back for more.

For anything goes, no limits mature play, call Granny Tess today!

Tess – 1-888-878-4332

Mommy Phone Sex

By , March 29, 2014


A mature phone sex mommy can give just as much pleasure as a young mother can, during an incest fantasy roleplay.

A young mother (a MILF) can provide a boy an outlet for his fantasies, but when it comes down to it, she still has a bit of a learning curve to work through.  A mature phone sex mommy like myself is well past that “learning” stage, is comfortable in her own skin and has the confidence that it takes to be able to take control, voice her opinion and get what she wants without ever holding back.

In other words, an experienced older woman can take you for a wild ride, no matter what your fantasies are about, and do it with the most capable of hands.

My erotic voice will seduce you and my sensual mind will captivate you as we explore all kinds of sexual fantasies that will make you squirm with desire.

I specialize in cuckold play, fetish exploration, cock control, tease and denial (edge play) using guided masturbation stroking techniques, incest fantasies and so much more.  I’m a no limits phone sex mommy who can bring even the most extreme fantasy to life.

Tess – 1-888-878-4332