Mature Phone Sex

By , August 10, 2015


I am proud to say that I am an anything goes, no limits, totally kinky (but always discreet) mature phone sex playmate.

Do you know what that means for you?  It means that no matter what your favorite fantasy or fetish is about, you can trust in me to provide you with a one-on-one adult conversation that is erotic, seductive and stimulating in every way possible and I promise that nobody else will ever know the depths of your sexual desires except me.

I don’t kiss and tell so when you want to share some intimate time with a mature phone sex lover like me you can relax and enjoy it, knowing that your fantasy will never be shared or judged.

I specialize in cuckold training, sissy play, incest fantasies, fetish exploration, guided masturbation and so much more!  I’m a naughty mommy who will give you a mature phone sex encounter to remember and keep you coming back for more.

Tess – 1-888-878-4332

Mommy Phone Sex

By , July 15, 2015


Do you ever want to talk about the good old days, back when you were a horny teenager and you masturbated into your mother’s panties every chance you could?

I’m a mature phone sex mommy who has heard many different confessions from lots of different men.  Believe me when I tell you that whatever secrets, fantasies or fetishes that you want to share with me will not shock or surprise me.  I am open minded, accepting and non-judgmental.

Being an experienced phone sex mommy I have heard plenty of stories about real life “getting caught” close calls; panty sniffing and licking; cross dressing and even younger men being seduced by much older women.  I have even shared telephone encounters with men who have wanted their phone sex mommy to cuckold them with their very own daddy’s.  Anything is possible when you have a creative and intelligent mind like I do and you truly enjoy experimenting in the most taboo family fun imaginable.

Are you looking for a mature confidante who can be your sexy and uninhibited phone sex mommy tonight?  Look no further – you have found her right here!  Let’s play!

Tess – 1-888-878-4332

Granny Phone Sex

By , June 1, 2015


Feeling a little frisky and looking for a phone sex granny who can seduce you with a taboo fantasy tonight?

I want you to climb into bed with me and let me share some of my naughty secrets with you.  I am a phone sex granny who has absolutely no limits so I’m sure that once I begin to whisper sexy suggestions into your ear, your cock will respond and you will find yourself succumbing to my kinky ways.

I am mature and experienced phone sex granny and I love nothing more than sharing erotic and intimate conversation with a horny man for some mutual masturbation pleasure.

Want to hear me rubbing my pussy while you stroke your cock?  That would be sizzling hot wouldn’t it?  We could cum together!  Give me a call and let’s share some adult playtime together tonight.

Tess – 1-888-878-4332

Intelligent Phone Sex

By , January 12, 2015


Have you ever spoken with a telephone playmate who doesn’t seem very knowledgeable in your favorite fantasy or fetish?  Maybe she doesn’t seem very knowledgeable about anything at all.  There are times when a man needs or wants to phone fuck a true space case.  Some men love the typical “blonde bimbo” if you know what I mean but there are times when a man needs an intelligent phone sex partner to share an erotic or taboo fantasy call with.

An intelligent phone sex partner can touch you all over, both physically and mentally, giving you an amazing orgasmic experience.

I’m an intelligent phone sex playmate who has no limits and is willing to go the extra mile to make your call one of the best you’ve ever had.  I love getting into a man’s mind using my soft and sexy voice and sweet southern charm to lull him into an almost hypnotic state before delving deep into his fantasy, bringing out all of the really dirty details that will enhance it to levels that seemed unattainable before but are now right there for the taking now.

When you call my mature hotline you can talk about anything.  Some of my favorite topics include incest fantasies, cuckold lifestyle exploration, sissy training, guided masturbation, mommy/son role play, etc.

I would love to bring you to new heights of sexual awareness.  Call me and let’s talk about what turns you on.

Tess – 1-888-878-4332

Incest Phone Sex

By , June 23, 2014


I just love being a part of an incest phone sex fantasy call.   Just the other day I was able to roleplay a kinky mommy who walked in on my son while he was in the shower and I was amazed at the size of his cock.  He had 10 inches dangling between his legs and I couldn’t help but take off my clothes and join him, wrapping first my hands and then my lips around that growing cock and then lifting my leg up and wrapping it around his hips as I took him deep inside of me, both of us moving together until we exploded in a mind numbing orgasm.

During another incest phone sex fantasy call I was a granny who wanted to teach her grandson the ways of the world.  Feeling him snuggling up against me as he climbed into my bed, hugging his little body tightly, my breasts pressed against his little mouth, I encouraged him to suck on my nipples as I moved his hand down between my legs.  I masturbated myself against his little fingers and told him what a good boy he was.  It was hot!

Anything goes when you call me for some incest phone sex fun!  There are no limits or boundaries and nothing is too taboo or extreme to explore.  Call me and tell me your dirty little secrets!

Tess – 1-888-878-4332