Mature Phone Sex


A mature phone sex encounter is best shared with an older woman who is open minded and experienced in many different facets of sexual stimulation.

When you dial an anonymous adult line and you are looking, specifically, for a mature phone sex partner, the last thing that you want to hear when the other party answers the phone is a woman pretending to be “mature.” While the nature of this business is fantasy oriented, your call will be greatly enhanced when you are able to connect with a woman whose age is authentic for the genre of calls that she is promoting.  If you are looking for a barely legal teen, you wouldn’t want to dial my number.  Why?  I simply do not sound like a teen.

My sensual voice, erotic suggestions, confidant manner and powerfully seductive ways will quickly prove to you that I truly am a mature phone sex playmate.

Now, let me tell you some of the things that I specialize in.  I can give you an amazing guided masturbation session.  I can train you to be the perfect cuckold husband.  I can help you to engage your more feminine side through sissy exploration which can include cock sucking, cum eating and more.

I have no limits and I am not shy about stepping into a very extreme or taboo fantasy either.  Anything goes when you dial me to play so pick up the phone and experience what an older woman can do for you today!

Tess – 1-888-878-4332

Mommy Phone Sex


I am a phone sex mommy who loves age play in all of it’s many shapes and forms. Whenever I have an incest fantasy request, I always ask what age the caller would like to be.  Sometimes he wants to go back in time to when he was a young man, fantasizing about his mother.  I love creating a mommy phone sex scenario where I catch him masturbating in his bedroom and I quickly come in and shut the door, lock it and then confront him.  Of course, he doesn’t know what I’m going to do next and that is what makes a call so exciting.

Am I going to be an angry phone sex mommy who punishes you through orgasm denial.  Just when you are about to cum it all comes to a crashing halt.  Or am I going to be turned on by the sight of my son’s cock in such an aroused state?  I could be strict and demanding or I could be loving and nurturing.  I’m an anything goes phone sex mommy.  I am intelligent, mature and creative and I have absolutely no limits.

Call me and tell me how you want your mommy fantasy to go?

Tess – 1-888-878-4332

Granny Phone Sex


Now that you are all grown up and your mommy has taught you about the birds and the bees, it’s time to visit your phone sex granny so that you can experiment with a mature and experienced woman.

I am a phone sex granny who loves teaching men of all ages how to properly pleasure a woman.

I can be sensually dominant, demanding that you use your tongue in the most skillful ways or I can be nurturing and loving, sharing an intimate exploration of your fantasies and fetishes through erotic adult conversation.

Anything goes when you call this phone sex granny to play.  Some of my favorite fantasies include incest, age play, smoking fetish, medical fetish, guided masturbation, sissy training, cuckold role play, etc.  I have no limits and I would love to share a kinky call with you today!

Tess – 1-888-878-4332

Intelligent Phone Sex


Sometimes finding an intelligent phone sex partner who can stimulate your mind and your body is a welcome change to the usual wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am dirty talker who isn’t very tuned in to your fantasy needs.

I am a mature, creative and intelligent phone sex partner who believes that the key to a great fantasy call is listening to what a man wants –  not just having a canned or scripted fantasy book that repeats itself over and over again.  Every caller is unique and each one wants to feel like he matters when he calls to play.

I enjoy sharing hearing about a man’s kinky perversions. I love creating a fantasy story that takes his turn-on’s to a whole new level of play.  When you enjoy our call, I enjoy our call.

I specialize in cuckold play, feminization, sissy training, guided masturbation, sensual domination and so much more. I have no limits and would love to explore any and all of your fantasy or fetish desires with you.

When you are looking to be stimulated inside and out, call an intelligent phone sex operator like me.

Tess – 1-888-878-4332

Incest Phone Sex


I get really turned on when a caller asks me to be his incest phone sex mommy in his fantasy.  I get a lot of requests for incest phone sex fantasies, some of which include a brother/sister or a daddy/daughter and I truly enjoy those but my favorite is mommy/son.

The taboo nature of a mother seducing her son, no matter what his age might be, is so erotic and sensual to me.  Nothing is more intimate than a mommy letting her son nurse from her breasts while she gently strokes his hard-on through his jammies, lulling him into a quiet comfort so that she can take advantage of his innocence while making him feel confident and excited about his new found passion.

No matter what kind of incest phone sex fun you are looking for, mild or wild, I am the mommy/granny who can bring your fantasies to life in the most imaginative way.  Pick up the phone and dial my no limits number to play.

Tess – 1-888-878-4332